martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

BennuGD: Source code released of this awesome DIV based language

Thus it is, SplinterGU -as a Christmas gift- finally has made available for all those wish that it, the source files of the BennuGD project, one of the two unique videogame's programming languages based on DIV -that knows, the other is Gemix Studio- that continue growing at the moment.

With this news and due to desire for a long time on the part of some members of the DIVera community of which this one took place, from now on one hopes that they begin to appear contributions to the language that can enrich it still more, although it is certain, that either before the release of its code, BennuGD already enjoyed frequent updates thanks to the prolific work of its creator.

More information and links to the source code in this thread of the Offical Forum.

(Also you can read the Spanish Version of this article)