martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

The Best Emulators For Nintendo DS

Who is not conscious still of the exciting thing of the emulation's world?

Histories like the one of that one loved Spectrum that ended up burning due to so many and so many hours of use, and that never we thought we could return to enjoy, but that, thanks to the hard work of some audacious coders distributed around the world, today we can return to reenjoy it in our PC or favorite videoconsole…

More concretely, in this article is enumerated those that -according to News, Tricks and Internet- are considered like The Best Emulators For Nintendo DS of diverse and classic 8 and of 16 bits systems as much computers as videoconsoles.

Well... without more time than to lose, we go with the listing!

Classic computers:


Other systems:

Of course, many emulators have been outside the list, but since it has been said, the target is to mention the one of greater quality -in case of existing several- in general terms, of each system, avoiding to us of this form the laborious task of testings and more comparatives testings between these... something nice for impatient people.

If you are a happy Nintendo DS owner besides nostalgic of the those 80's and 90's microcomputers and videoconsoles game classics, now you know already it much more clearly to be able to return to enjoy them without losing a single nanosecond…

This is all, that you have a happy videogame travel to the past with your DS! ;-)

(Also you can read the Spanish Version of this article)